• Thank you for visiting my website. As Deputy Mayor of The Township of Maplewood,

    I think that together, we can continue the work to keep our town affordable, enhance safety,

    and drive sustainability while preserving our culture and diversity resulting building a stronger community everyday.

  • Accomplishments and Vision


    • Established Maplewood as a Welcoming Community. 
    • Addressed Diversity gaps on Township Boards and Committees.
    • Created food assistance programs for youth.

    Pedestrian safety

    • New Maplewood Police Department Traffic Bureau.
    • Distributed 3000+ reflective armbands. 
    • Established new drop off and pickup school zones.
    • Installed traffic calming measures in business districts.


    • Created Youth Open Gym program and Youth Mentors program “Maplewood Mentors” for Police Department and community of color.
    • Inaugurated 1 st Haitian Heritage Flag Day Ceremony.


    • Banned “single use plastic carry-out bags” by retail establishments.
    • New Residential Electrical Supply Contract - Greener and Less Expensive energy.

    Shared Municipal Services

    • Driving Member of Shared Services Committee exploring fire department consolidation with South Orange.
    • Investigating additional shared services opportunities with other surrounding towns.

    Economic Growth

    • Promoted Springfield Ave business district to potential small business owners.
    • Exploring revitalization Irvington Ave business district.


    Pedestrian and public safety


    Established a Traffic Bureau focused on Better enforcement of current speeding and traffic laws.


    NV5: Pedestrian Empowerment Plan - Launched a town-wide plan educating our children, commuters, and seniors on ways to protect themselves as pedestrians.

    Drive generation diversity and greater age friendly services

    Established SOMA: Two Towns For All Ages

    Solidify Maplewood's commitment to Sustainability

    Banned Single use plastic carry-out bags by retail establishments.


    New Residential Electric Supply contract - providing cleaner and less expensive energy.


    Exploring ways to make our municipal buildings and operational logistics more green to better our local environment and reduce cost.

    Advocate for responsible development in our commercial districts  

    Continue to bring more commercial ratables to town.


    Explore making Irvington Ave an rehabilitation area

    Champion shared services with South Orange and other neighboring towns.

    Continue the work of addressing our core operational expenses with fire and public works.


    Advance Equality and diversity

    Continuing the Township Committee’s commitment to increase committee appointments for people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, age diversity, renters, and new residents.

  • Family Frank



    My wife, Marie, our talented daughter, Madison and I have been residents of Maplewood since 2013. We have a dog too, Sunshine, our labradoodle. Originally from the Hyde Park section of Chicago, Illinois, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame and received my MBA from the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business. I am an analytical marketer with experience managing the strategic and day-to-day logistics for million dollar marketing budgets, staffs of up to 32 people with accountability for generating multi-million dollar annual top line revenue.


    Marie is a Director of Corporate Communications at a Fortune 100 Company where she is responsible for promoting technologies that are changing how we live, work and play. She is also an active volunteer for several non-profit organizations in Essex County.




    After relocating to Maplewood, I became immediately involved in the community. I participated in numerous PTA events from the Tuscan Fair to the Spring Fling at Tuscan. I became a regular on “the blacktop“ before joining the executive PTA board as committee co-chair, responsible for recruiting and assisting all committee chairs with the various school events held throughout the year. I also proactively reached out to our local civic leaders expressing my interest to serve on various community boards and attended numerous meetings. Based on my experience with the Economic Development Commission in Newton, Massachusetts, coupled with my admiration for the charm of Maplewood, and concern regarding the impact on our school district, I became involved in the Post Office development matter and joined a community organization.


    As a member of the Maplewood Library Foundation, I co-launched a new fundraising event, Kids Jamboree, to assist with the board’s aim of subsidizing the costs of materials or programs outside the scope of the library’s annual budget to support our wonderful libraries. While serving as a Trustee with the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race, I championed an organizational construct initiative to help reposition the organization for continued success in our community.





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