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    Friends and Neighbors - it is a great honor and privilege to have served the Maplewood community for the past three years and I am asking for your support to serve a 2nd term. Together, we can continue the work to keep our town affordable, enhance safety, and drive sustainability. Together, we can continue preserving our culture of diversity and inclusion, serving as a model for other towns to emulate. Together, we can do anything. ~Frank

  • Accomplishments


    • Established Maplewood as a Welcoming Community. 
    • Addressed diversity gaps on Township Boards and Committees.
    • Created food assistance programs for youth.

    Pedestrian Safety

    • Initiated the creation and enhancement of a Traffic Bureau in the Maplewood Police Department.
    • Distributed 3000+ reflective armbands to aid motor vehicles in identify pedestrians.
    • Established new drop off and pickup school zones to protect children and families.
    • Installed traffic calming measures in business districts.


    • Created the Youth Open Gym night and “Maplewood Mentors” program.
    • Initiated the 1st Haitian Heritage Flag Day Ceremony.


    • Banned “single use plastic carry-out bags” by retail establishments.
    • Supported the Sustainable Essex Energy Aggregation Initiative providing cheaper and greener energy.

    Shared Municipal Services

    • Serving as a Joint Exploratory Committee member in consolidation Maplewood and South Orange fire services.
    • Aggressively investigating additional shared services opportunities with other surrounding towns.

    Economic Growth

    • Promoted Springfield Avenue Business District to potential small business owners and investors.
    • Committed to revitalizing the Irvington Avenue Business District.
  • Committed to Community



    It has been an honor to serve the residents of Maplewood for the last 3 years on the Township Committee – including two years as your Deputy Mayor. I wanted to take this time to say Thank you!


    Since you elected me to the Township Committee in 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of you and your families whether we were commuting to and from the city on the train, meeting up at countless community and school events or just getting a cup of coffee. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved together. Our accomplishments include:


    • Making Maplewood more sustainable with the establishment of the Sustainable Essex Alliance Energy Procurement Cooperative for Energy Aggregation, a plastic bag ordinance, an electric car charging station, and maintaining Silver Certification status with Sustainable Jersey.

    • Making Maplewood more affordable with the implementation of a plan to create and maintain affordability benchmarks in housing for our community through 2025.=

    • Transforming the culture and operations of our township with new staff and leadership including the appointment of a new Township Administrator, Assistant Township Administrator, Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief, CFO, and Municipal Court Judge.

    • Driving commerce with the opening of over 25 local shop and restaurant venues in our business districts resulting in an unprecedented shopping and dining experience today.

    • Fostering community by increasing town-sponsored events to provide experiences that reflect a global community. We’ve also increased recreational programing for our seniors and youth including the opening of a dedicated space for our seniors coupled with a robust activities calendar. We also hosted an inaugural Haitian Heritage Flag Day ceremony in recognition of our significant local Haitian population.

    • Enhancing pedestrian safety through the creation of the MPD Traffic Bureau, the implementation of traffic calming measures and street lighting upgrades. We commissioned and are implementing the results of our NV5 traffic study.

    • Driving social justice and civic engagement by establishing Maplewood as a welcoming community. We also created the Youth Advisory Committee, The police and youth Open Gym program, Maplewood Mentors Program, Maplewood Cares initiative (for deserving families), and the Community Board on Police.


    Together, we have made a lot of progress these past three years, but there is more work ahead. I am running to maintain and enhance Maplewood’s status as a safe, thriving, and welcoming community for the 25,000 neighbors, renters, homeowners, students, business owners, and seniors who call Maplewood home.


    Our work ahead includes:

    • Continuing to assess information and data to make thoughtful decisions regarding the allocation of funds for services, staffing and infrastructure projects.

    • Working on responsible development and redevelopment projects that will bring new ratables to the Township while focusing on a balance that meets the demands of people looking to move to our community and providing affordable housing solutions to residents that live here today.

    • Ensuring that developers follow a process where they listen to our residents with the end goal that a project complements our existing landscape and enhances our community or Master Plan.

    • Keeping our neighborhoods safe.

    • Continuing to push traffic enforcement measures to address speeding in our community, increase education and awareness efforts for pedestrians to keep themselves safe.

    • Educating residents about vehicle safety to reduce car break ins.

    • Continuing our efforts to combat domestic violence by raising the awareness of our community programs to help those in need.

    • Proactively working with our school district administration and the Board of Education on community concerns, school funding and other aid resources to improve the conditions of our schools, school security, and potential future redistricting plans.

    • Continuing to attract and support small businesses and companies to all of our Business Districts with an emphasis on Springfield Ave.

    • Championing improvements to the Irvington Avenue business district and forging a collaborative effort of economic growth between our Special Improvement Districts and Chamber of Commerce.

    • Growing the number of shared service agreements with surrounding towns as we continue to manage expense but not at the cost of service.

    • Collaborating with state leaders such as Assemblywoman Mila Jasey and Assemblyman John McKeon in their collaboration with Moms Demand Action to fight for sensible gun laws and programs and to push for reliable service by NJ Transit.

    • Building our community in all facets. Breaking ground on a 21st century library. Enhancing the conditions of our parks and fields. Executing our road improvement/paving program. Treating and replenishing our town trees.

    • Ridding our community of plastics that are negatively impacting the environment.

    • Continuing to transform the culture of our restructured police department and its relationship with our greater community.

    • Recruiting our underrepresented populations in our community to provide volunteer opportunities on our committees and boards so that everyone as a voice.


    Our town is vibrant, offering tremendous culture and resources but we cannot become complacent. Together, we must continue to work for our community, our township, our Maplewood. I plan to work for positive social change, to further establish Maplewood as a beacon for inclusiveness by standing up for our LGBTQ community, fighting against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, while reiterating that Black Lives Matter, and advocating for the fair treatment of immigrants. This is the work that I proudly commit to you.


    I’m fired up, ready to go and look forward to the honor of serving you for the next three years; and ask for your support and vote on Tuesday, November 5th.









    - Hyde Park - Chicago, IL,


    - University of Notre Dame - Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting

    - University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Business MBA


    - Digital Marketing Director - Loyalty, Retention and CRM space.'=


    - Gardening, Physical Fitness, and Cooking


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